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Lecture 19

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PHIL 101

• Your reason must be a Maxim,the Maxim must be a categorical imperative,and the categorical imperative must be universalizable and not use people solely as a means (principle of humanity) Kant ⿞Utilitarianism isn't a good Maxim because it treats people only as a means sometimes;you are only a means to increased happiness • Deontology is fundamentally committed to respecting people Korsgaard • What is it about personhood that makes choices so important? • "But it is not the struggle to be rational or to be good. It is instead the ongoing struggle for integrity" • Our actions are reflections of ourselves • To be an agent is to be a chooser,our choices define us as agents ⿞We are constantly reaffirming or changing our identity as individuals • As an agent that makes choices it is your responsibility to respect other agents ⿞Reasons,motives,intentions,and maxims are all just facts about agents ‣ They are important because they are indications of choice ⿞Agents are reflective beings ⿞If you follow through with
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