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Lecture 20

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PHIL 101

Objections to Deontology • If it's an objection to Korsgaard it probably is for Kant too since he is stricter • Objections to Kant ⿞You cannot lie to someone even if it means to help your friend;murderer at the door hypothetical ‣ Lies and deceit break both the rule of Universibility and humanity for Kant,there is no exception ‣ Omitting to tell the truth is a lie for Kant ‣ Lies to the murderer disrespects his agency,but Kant says that by allowing the murder to kill e family you are not disrespecting their agency because you aren't actually doing it ⿞You don't have the right to withdraw all of your money from a bank because if everyone did it it would be impossible to give everyone their money ⿞It is immoral not to have kids because if everyone did it it would be a paradox because there would eventually be no humans to chose not to procreate ‣ If there were no people though would there be any agency to protect? It may be against the rule of humanity ‣ Kant may addresses this by saying that we don't have to defend future agency that does not exist,me only have to respect agency that exists now ‣ Kant May also say that it is not morally obligatory but it isn't bad either,it's just one of the neutral acts • This is problematic that you can't differentiate between moral/ immoral and amoral actions ⿞For a deontologist it does not matter how much good you may do or if you'll lose your own life you must always stand by your maxims ‣ You could say it's allowed if you consider allowing people to dye killing them,but then you're always immoral for letting anyone due that you could have saved ‣ Threshold Deontology - emergencies are amoral,so on those hard questions you do not have to act morally;life boat ethics • Utilitarians just
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