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PHIL 101

• Rawlsian Reflective Equilibrium - your theoretical rules,principles,and theories should match your intuitions, theories,and hypos • The Survival Lottery Harris - people are chosen to be sacrificed to save the lives of multiple other people though organ transplant ⿞Allowing someone to die is the same as killing them,so you should use the survival lottery ‣ Refutations • Allowing someone to die is not the same as killing them;killing is interfering in your affairs, allowing you to die is just allowing your affairs to continue as they were • Taking organs after death is not immoral under deontology because it's universalizable and follows the rule of humanity ‣ Inherent subject of conflict between deontology and utilitarianism ⿞The two subjects are innocent so it is not fair that they should die ‣ Sounds like Nagel,they have bad luck,it is not their fault that they are in this position ‣ Refutation • The subject apt hat is being harvested to kill the others is also innocent ⿞Survival lottery saves two innocents instead of just one • Innocence isn't important,it is survival of the fittest and best for humanity for them to die • Why not just kill not innocent people to save the lives of the innocent? Fix the lottery ⿞This is too objective ⿞It's a new slave system,those that are lower are partially owned for their body by a higher caste • If you are afraid of killing people that will carry on healthy genes,this is just not a consideration because the chances of them dying of unnatural causes due to not being saved by the survival lottery is greater t
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