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PHIL 101

Famine Relief Peter Singer (Utilitarianism) • A vast amount of people say they are morally obligated to save a drowning girl,and if they say that they are then obligated to save people that are starving and impoverished (analogical argument) ⿞The starving child and the drowning girl are so similar that if you commit to one you must commit to the other ⿞Analogies are good because if you don't argue your basis for morality,instead you are forced into commitments and the related commitments in other situations if the situations are truly analogous ⿞To deny this analogy you must find a morally relevant dissimilarities in this analogy ‣ Proximity is important because there is more sureness in the results of your actions Singer P1:"Suffering and death from lack of food,shelter,and medical care are bad" P2:"if it is in our power to prevent something bad from happening,without thereby sacrificing anything of comparable moral importance,we ought,morally,to do it" C: You are morally obligated to donate to respectable and responsible charities • Supererogation Rejection (donating is good to do,but not doing it is not immoral) ⿞Singer denies this by just saying that it is immoral to not donate ⿞He's a utilitarian,Supererogation does not really exist for utilitarians,there is no going above and beyond for utilitarians you are just morally bound to do the most possible • Too Demanding ⿞This means nothing,the argument is sound and valid,just cause it's har
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