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Lecture 5

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PHIL 101

Arguments for God Descartes' Foundations • I think therefor I am • You cannot trust your senses Looking for a deductive "A Priori" argument,an argument that can be made without prior knowledge that has a conclusion that necessarily follows the premises • These arguments are in opposition to empiricist philosophers who use inductive "A Posteriori" arguments and experimental facts Descartes' OntologicalArgument (an argument about what exists) • Foundation:Descartes has a theory of a perfect,benevolent God;belief is not necessary just the existence of the idea matters • Premises... 1. Everything has a cause,"Something cannot proceed from nothing" 2. There is an idea of a perfect God so it must come from a perfect cause,nothing can be better or more true than what it comes from,something perfect cannot come from something imperfect (we may not understand perfection but that doesn't effect if it exists) 3. "I am not perfect" so Descartes could not create the idea of a perfect God C. There must be a perfect being outside of me that created my idea of perfection • Why is this perfect being God? 1. My conception of God is a being that contains all perfections 2. Above is proved the existence of a perfect being 3. Non existenc
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