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Lecture 12

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PHIL 101

The Question of Personal Identity You are your body...(Olson) • Very intuitive,you are where your body is and even as you change as you grow you are still the same body • Counter examples ⿞The Ship ofTheseus - if the entire body of the ship is replaced is it still the same ship • You are identical to the parts of your body • Olson'sArgument forAnimalism ⿞There is a certain human organism,and that organism is you. You and it are the same ‣ You are numerically identical to the organism ⿞You have all of the same properties as the organism ‣ If one property is replacement of parts then you and the organism share that property ⿞Animalism is not that we are made up of animals,we are the animal with specific traits ⿞All animals are not people ⿞All people are not animals ⿞If you replace parts of your body or change you are still an animal,it is just that the characteristics of that animal and thus your characteristics change ‣ If you become wholly inorganic you are not the same animal and thus person ‣ Does not mean you are not a person,it just does not mean you are an animal in his theory,he does not address all aspects of personhood ⿞Why are people critical of this view ‣ If you are split in half what half is the person,you? ‣ There is hostility to materialism (everything that exists is a material) ‣ They a
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