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Lecture 13

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PHIL 101

Personal Identity (Parfit) • All atoms in the body are mapped and transported to mars,is the body that is rebuilt the same person? ⿞If a new transporter copies you but then the original dies from heart failure days later,you are different people ⿞The two copies for a couple days do not have the same experiences so they must be different (narrative) • Parfit believes that people don't exists so it's moot point ⿞He believes this because the new transporter seems to not keep the same narrative or the same body so both stances fail • Reductionism - explanation by reducing something to its parts ⿞Reductionist explains by it's parts (like Eliminativism),a functionalist (Aristotle) describes and object by function • Parrots Reductionism -A person is just a collection of its brain,body,and deeds • Relation R:We exist over time as long as there is "psychological continuity" with the right cause and no branching event ⿞Psychological Connectedness vs Psychological Continuity ‣ Connectedness is if the psychological states are basically the same (Phineus Gauge does not have psychological connectedness) • Connectedness is determined through reductionism,breaking the psychology down into its traits
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