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Lecture 15

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PHIL 101

Sophisticated Utilitarianism • The man on the bridge trolley hypothetical,more personal but same sacrifice of one life for five • Your happiness or emotions should definitely be considered in the overall goodness of the action ⿞Bridge-trolley hypo -Are five lives worth one and a life ruined because of your actions? • The sophisticated utilitarian thinks that you should instill certain rules like to never kill because we are human and make errors in our calculations of goodness when we try to stick to true simple utilitarianism ⿞Self sacrifice should not be thought because we make errors ⿞Goodness is increased slightly by following societal standards and emotions,because if sacrifice and killing are all accepted for certain reasons,error will happen and societal as a whole will be worse ‣ For the sake of society allow some situations where impartiality is ignored • If you are willing to kill yourself as a good utilitarianism should you not since you will probably do more good in the world than others due to your strong good morality? • Sophisticated utilitarianism's goal:"Create
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