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Lecture 15

PSYC 100 Lecture 15: 15. Psychological Disorders

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PSYC 100
E Kim

15. Psychological Disorders 2016 11 8 2:31 Comorbidity Having more than one diagnosis at once Mental Disorder Statistical rarity o Fear of aliens reading your thoughts? Fear of spiders? Subjective distress o Most disorders include distress, but not all do (Mania) Impairment in daily life Societal disapproval o Homosexuality, Rudeness, etc. Biological dysfunction o Breakdowns or failures of physiological systems History of Mental Illness Demonic o Possessions and exorcism o Abnormal behavior due to possession by gods or demons o Witches are insane Medical o Mental disorders are physical problems that require medical treatment Bloodletting o Involuntary commitment Modern o 1950s: Thorazine Medication (helps with some disorders) o Deinstitutionalized Release patients, close hospitals DSM5 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) List of diagnostic criteria Criticisms 1. Comorbidity: > 1 diagnosis 2. Categorical vs. Dimension a. Categorical Yes or no b. Dimensional How much? 3. Politics Anxiety Disorders Anxiety Apprehension, tension, physical arousal Anxiety Disorder
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