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PSYC 100

Psychological Disorders • Psychiatric classification and diagnosis ⿞The purpose of a medical diagnosis is to pinpoint a the problem an individual is experiencing so treatment can be selected ⿞DSM is the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders,outlines the characteristics of psychological disorders,suggests that one should "think organically" first and try to find a physical cause first ⿞Concerns with the medical model of psychiatric diagnosis ‣ Pigeon holes people into a certain disorder,when there are important individual differences • If the DSM is used right it accounts for differences,it is just meant to acknowledge major similarities in a disorder not explain all symptoms ‣ Fear that the diagnosis are not reliable/ similar between medical professionals ‣ Are the diagnosis valid? • Professionals using a standardized grading system like the DSM increases validity ‣ It is possible that diagnosis stigmatize people • Some support for this in the short term,but not a lot of evidence for long term effects • Psychopathology - abnormal thoughts,feelings,and/ or behaviors that result in significant impairment or distress • Prevalence - percent of people in a population that have a disorder;lifetime prevalence is the amount of people that have a disorder at some point in their life • Comorbidity - having one or more disorders at the same time • Anxiety Disorders ⿞Cognitive - anxious apprehension,worry ⿞Somatic - anxious psychological arousal ⿞Anxiety can be adaptive to motivate us to actions we need to take ⿞Anxiety disorders though are longstanding and disruptive to daily functioning ‣ Among the most prevalent,and usually is evident from childhood ⿞Five main types of anxiety disorders ‣ GeneralizedAnxiety Disorder (GAD) • Excessive and long lasting anxiety across many areas of
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