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Personality • Modern theories of personality ⿞Trait theory - what are the major components of our personality? ‣ Personality is a combination of characteristics displayed over time and across situations ‣ Factor analysis - statistical technique to determine main characteristics of personality;looks for aspects of personality that clump together in order to find more general personality traits ‣ Five major personality traits emerged • Openness to experience ⿞Low - conventional,habits,narrow interests ⿞High - curious,artistic,wide interests,intellectual • Conscientiousness ⿞Low - laid back,flexible with rules,messy ⿞High - reliable/ dependable,organized,goal oriented,careful • Extraversion ⿞Low (introversion) - quiet,solitary,reserved,stimulated by ones on thoughts (personal internal arousal,higher internal arousal) ⿞High - active,sociable,energized by factors outside of themselves (optimal arousal is lower,so they must be aroused
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