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Explanations forAnxiety Disorders • Learning ⿞Operant or classical conditioning has taught this response ‣ LittleAlbert was conditioned to fear rabbits ⿞Observation of other's anxiety ⿞Information that is fearful for a child • Dysfunctional Cognitive processes ⿞Catastrophizing - taking small problems and taking them to ridiculous ends ⿞Anxiety sensitivity - fear of anxiety related physiological sensations • Biological Influences ⿞Genetics - some anxiety disorders are heritable Mood Disorders • Major Depressive Disorder ⿞Persistent negative emotions ⿞Inability to experience pleasure/ loss of interest in pleasurable actions ⿞Smaller symptoms include changes in weight,loss of energy,changing sleep patterns,and inability to concentrate ⿞Explanations for depression ‣ Interpersonal Model - depression leads to hostility and rejection from others,which furthers t
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