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Obedience - following instruction from those of higher authority • Why is obedience a "double edged sword"? ⿞It is essential to everyday life,it allows our society to function without chaos ⿞Can be problematic if people stop asking questions about why they are behaving the way others want them to • The Milgram Paradigm ⿞Milgram was interested in how the Holocaust could have happened,at the time most assumed it was the result of wicked minds but Milgram feared it was due to basic psychological processes ⿞Designed an experiment to test the influence of obedience and authority on normal people ⿞The test consisted of an authority telling a subject to punish another tester (actually a confederate), believed to be chosen randomly,through electric shocks when they made mistakes even until it was perceived their health was threatened ⿞Believe that only 1 in 1000 would go past 150V but actually all tested administered some shocks and 62% even if reluctant went all the way to the max 450V ⿞Went up to 93% if the tester was instead commanding someone else to administer the shock ⿞Went down to 0% if another researcher was there disagreeing with the first researcher ⿞Percentage also declined if the researcher communicated over the phone,if the test was not as clearly related to a prestigious university,or if the teacher had to view the subject getting shocked Helping (or Not Helping) Others • Being in a group actually has a bad effect on helping ⿞The Bystander Effect or the Bystander Nonintervention ‣ Pluralistic Ignorance - the error of assuming that no one else perceives a situation as we do;we don't recognize an emergency if it seems no one else is reacting to it ‣ Diffusion of Responsibility - reduced feeling of responsibility in the presence of others;assume s
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