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Special Education
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SPED 117
Cheryl Light Shriner

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SPED 117 Notes Jordan Coe 3/4/2014 Behavioral Expectations • Get to class on time • Stay awake • Don’t use electronics unless you are one of the FIVE note takers • Don’t have side conversations • Follow the instructors directions of 117 teaching team • Be respectful • Ask questions Agenda for today • Announcements & instructions • Assignment clarifications • No Pity Discussion o Inclusion and Special Education o Response Card o Group Project • OnlineAssignment Submissions o Due Saturdays at 5:00pm - no late submissions are accepted o Submit early enough that if you experience technical issues, you can contact the teaching team BEFORE the due date/time.Always attach your completed assignment to the email message if your message is sent BEFORE the due date/time o Troubleshooting submission issues: try a different computer, make sure you have reliable internet, try a different browser • Professional behavior and communication (15 points) o In class behavior o Independent work for all assignments except group project!!! o Grades: Quick questions and inquiries can be made on email and directed to the person who graded the assignment.Always copy Dr. Light Shriner on your messages. Always word your message with the highest politeness and respect. o Grades: Major concerns about grades should be politely and respectfully addressed during office hours with Dr. Light Shriner APAFormat • Uploaded document on Moodle o “APAGuidelines for News Assignment” o Video of how to do it o PowerPoint used is also posted o Tailored just for the news assignment o If you have questions, contact the teaching team • Easy points if you take the time to learn it and do it properly • Will take off points if you don’t follow the correct format News Assignment • 2 Different articles • Fairly recent (within the last couple years) • Section 1: Summary of news: electronic print source (e.g., newspaper, news webpage, magazine, etc.). Each original news article should have at least 8 paragraphs (DO NOT USE BLOGS!) • Section 2: Opinion about the news (clearly address each subcategory below) o What is your reaction to this news? (Informative? Interesting? Outrageous? Disturbing?) (At least 2 sentences) (2 pts.) (Sentences must have good content and structure. Some people write more concisely than other people) o What did you learn from this news? (What new information did you obtain or acquire from this?) (at least 2 sentences) (2 pts.) (Sentences must have good content and structure. Some people write more concisely than other people) o How has this news changed the way you think about people with disabilities or the policies/funding/attitudes/services/definitions, etc. Associated with people with disabilities \. (at least 2 sentences) (2 pts.) (Sentences must have good content and structure. Some people write more concisely than other people) • Section 3: Compare the two news stories you found o How are the news stories similar? (2 ways they are similar) (2pts)  Beyond the fact that they are about people with disabilities o How are the news stories different? (2 ways they are different) (2pts) o What is the message obvious and hidden in each news story? (e.g., people with disabilities need help, schools are not providing adequate services, people with disabilities are inspiring to others, etc) (1 pt)  Whatever the title is, that’s the message they want to get across soonest • Could just be an eye catcher and article can be totally
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