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Special Education
SPED 117
Cheryl Light Shriner

SPED 117 NOTES Jordan Coe 2/18/14 Announcements • News assignment – next major assignment o Rubric posted online with directions • Wiggle room with reflective narrative o 5 days with loss of points • Online assignment every week o If you don’t see any scores, contact the teaching team • Behavioral expectations o Get to class on time o Stay awake o Don’t use electronics o Only 5 note takers o No side conversations • This week’s online activity is a video about the Deaf culture • Notecard o What was the historic event that took place in 1988 at Gallaudet University? o One unique experience that Susan talks about in class o Behavior expectations in class o Two questions for Susan Dramin Weiss Susan Dramin Weiss • Third generation Deaf • Born Deaf •
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