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Special Education
SPED 117
Cheryl Light Shriner

SPED 117 NOTES Jordan Coe 2/25/14 Announcements • Professional behavior • Online assignment o Watch a video: Disability Culture Rap o Answer the questions. Please complete and please watch the entire video o The video may be a little raw and abrasive. It may make you feel a little uncomfortable. Try to listen to the overall message! What is disability culture? What do people want us (the majority of people without disabilities) to understand? o Captioned video o Due at 5pm on Saturday • NewsAssignment Questions –APApowerpoint guideline will be posted by Thursday on Moodle • GroupAssignment Description (Kay and Hyejin) o 55 points o Extensive research on a disability o Groups of 3 or 4 o 54 topics to choose from o Sign up on the Google doc for one of the projects o Only two groups can do any one of the topics o Use at least 3 different sources for the group project planning sheet  No pity can be one o • Response Card Instructions (Index Card---Just ONE today). o Side 1  Describe the people who are part of the hidden army of the disability rights movement as defined in Chapter 4 of No Pity • You need to describe at least three different groups of people who are part of the army  Name and explain one thing that the army has fought for and accomplished. Use at least 1 complete sentence. No more than 2 sentences. o Side 2  Evaluate your own professional behavior today. Inattentive/distracted or attentive/respectful  Write out 2 complete questions for Barb Pritchard • Guest Speaker: Barb Pritchard o Disability Rights as Civil Rights – With a Personal Perspective- o Worked with disability rights since 1986 o Took part in multiple rallies o Lester introduction  Grew up in the 50s  When he was 2, his parents noticed he may have a disability  Doctor took tests and told his parents to basically put him in an institution, but they didn’t do that. o Education  Barbara • Went to a segregated school until she was 11 • Moved to a school with students without disabilities o One class was for students with more severe disabilities and one for more physical disabilities • 6 grade went to the local catholic grade school • Went to the local public school for high school •
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