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Lecture 11

ANTH 239 Lecture 11: 11

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ANTH 239
Kimberly Garza

Parental monitoring Parental connectedness Parenting style Neglect, Authoritarian Indulgent Authroitative Identifying/assessing Consequences Assessing relative attractiveness of each consequence is to assess relative value Assessing importance of each consequence Expressed preferences - based off what is said Revealed preferences - more scientific based off of actions People often don't know what is most important to them Erik Erikson - Stages of Psychosocial development Adheres to some of Freud's ideas, btu focuses more on social influences Stage Theoriest Focus on Crisis resolution At each stage of a crisis must be resolved Marcias's four statuses of identity Forclosure Child centered parenting 1) cooperative parental relationship 2) healthy relationship with father 3) Maternal support of opinions 4) Present maternal supervision 5) Absence of physical punishment Individualist Collectivist framework Autonomy (Protestant work ethic theory) Personal choice Intrinsic motivation Self esteem Self maximization Relatedness (vertical and horizontal collectivism) Family Group harmony Respect Obedience Dynamics within the Macro (cultural) and micro family unit 1) Conflicting associations 2) Additive associations
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