DHD 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Pauperism, Muscle Atrophy, Henrietta Lacks

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Fill in Blank
Eugenics Reviews
Eugenics means w___ b___ (well born)
Two types of eugenics: p_____ and n______ (positive and negative)
One form of eugenics advocated for s______ to prevent the reproduction of
h_____ conditions. These included: (sterilization; hereditary)
The K_____ f_____ was a fictional family described by Henry Goddard
illustrating.. (Kallikak family)
Illustrates/Reminds us about how social deviance is hereditary
Moral and immoral (women): medical intervention/sterilization
happened on women’s bodies
Medical: Epilepsy, inebriate, deafness, deformity
Social identity: pauperism, inebriate, criminal
Sterilization laws: mirror image of almshouses - catch all
The Supreme Court B____ v. B_____ (Buck vs. Bell)
1. Disability in the US, 1927 - 1968
a. Polio
i. Virus that can lead to muscle atrophy, paralysis
1. In US, polio vaccine in 1951
a. Pre-polio vaccine generation, just now aging
2. Separation from family for treatment
a. Hospital, rehab facility as “community
3. Wilma Rudolph and Henrietta Lacks
b. Polio: Warm Springs Institute
i. In Georgia
ii. Retreat and community of people with post-polio
iii. FDR visited frequently, died near there
iv. Created National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis
1. Now called March of Dimes
a. Working on decreasing birth defects
b. Encouraged women (of childbearing age) to take folic acid
2. More of a space for socialization as opposed to care
v. Race and racism
1. African Americans
a. As staff (service)
b. Not allowed to be nurses, doctors
2. Desegregation in 1945
a. Eleanor Roosevelt
3. Civil Rights Acts in 1954
c. Parents Movements and Advocacy
i. Children who survived polio
1. Parents advocate for access to education
ii. Anne Emerman
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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