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Diem-my Bui

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WWIItopresentdayWWII and Martial Law in HIoDec 7 1941 Japan bombs Pearl HarborMajor event because US had thought they were untouchableoMartial law imposed on HIRule by militaryoJapanese Americans seen as enemyWWII and Japanese American InternmentstoIssei 1 generation Japanese Americans born in Japan living in USndoNisei 2 generation Japanese Americans born in the USoOn day of Pearl Harbor Japanese Americans arrested by FBIoInitially FBI claimed internment was unnecessary but public outcry won outoFeb 19 1942 FDR issues Executive Order 9066Authorized military areas from which all persons could be excluded in interest of national defenselegalized the creation of internment campsOnly Japanese Americans on west coast were interned not the ones in Hawaii Japanese Americans made up a third of the population there so they could not be interned for economic reasonsApplicable to German and Italian Americans tooo1944 Korematsu v United StatesSupreme Court upholds constitutionality of militarys exclusion orderArgued that Korematsu excluded of war with Japan not because of raceo23000 Japanese Americans served in US Army during WWIIndo442 Nisei Regimental Combat TeamoChinese Americans had the highest draft for any ethnic group in WWIIMost of the Chinese in America were menoFeb 19 1976 President Gerald Ford signed Proclamation 4417Terminates Executive Order 9066Calls evacuation of Japanese Americans a mistake and wrong1945 War Brides ActoAmended in 1947 to include AsiansoAsian GIs could marry in Asia and bring back their brides to the USoLate 1940s to mid1960s number of Asian women entering US exceeded number of menChina Red Menace and CommunismoMao Tse Tung achieved victory in China in 1949oChinese a Red MenaceoChinese Americans feared they too would be interned like Japanese Americans in WWIIo1950 McCarran Internal Security ActAuthorizes arrests of anyone suspected on reasonable ground that they would probably engage in espionage1950 Emergency Detention Act Title II of McCarran ActInstructions on how to evacuate or detain citizens for another internment for national securityIn 1971 Emergency Detention Act repealedoThese acts help fuel Model Minority MythSilence Asian Americans making them avoid speaking out against government They were afraid and avoided troubleoINS Confession Program 19551960Encouraged people to inform on friends and relatives in exchange for legal immigration status10000 people in San Francisco alone turned in
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