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MGMT 463
Reneta Tarasievich

Mursila Murtaza-MGMT 463-Reneta Tarasievich Individual Assignment 3 Part 1: As a manager of the company, I would like to demonstrate my subordinates that besides being task orientated, I also prefer to be a relationship-oriented manager as well. Throughout the process, I would gain their trust through my behavior and make relationship goals, as “these goals describe the nature and value you desire for the particular relationship” (Corvette 112). My main goal is not to lose any employee further, as I want to take advantage of the best they can do. First, I would organize a meeting for all the employees with free lunch. I would try to be clear about what my vision is and what the company demands from them, as “sharing any information generally creates a bond between the two parties” (Corvette 139). Also, I would avoid exaggeration, as “lying is unethical and risky.” (Corvette 147). Additionally, I will establish integrity in my conversation, as “credibility is important in negotiation” (Corvette 147). As a leader, I would try to enhance their self-esteem by acknowledging the previous accomplishments of my subordinates. I will let them know that we should ignore the “fear that we will not be as good as we think we are or want to be” (Corvette 158). By using my reward power, I would explain that how their productivity will benefit the company and them. I will announce bonus offers for hard working employees. In the end, I would outline the tasks of the previous employees required to be done and ask my subordinates to get back to me in within a week on what they think would be feasible for them. Secondly, I would ask every employee to come and meet me separately and let me know about their preferences of work. “Preparing in identifying the needs of both sides is the key step to manage reward power” (Corvette 139). To increase their productivity, I would make them do what they think they’ll be best at as “Perception affects all that we do” and suggest some work equally to all employees with great provocation and appreciation (Corvette 123). Also, I would give them freedom to do the work as they want, but will arrange weekly progress meetings and daily 15-minute warm-up sessions to keep track of what they are doing, to get feedback from them, and to boost their morale. “When you convey understanding, empathy, cooperation, and respect, as well as a willingness to create a mutual solution, you create the power of identification,” which is “one of the primary forces in persuasion” (Corvette 141). On the other hand, I would also try to recruit some more employees to fill the vacant positions and reduce work load. Lastly, to cope up with such situation in less time, I would take advantage of replacement chart, which is “a list of key personnel and their replacement within the firm,” and skills inventory, which is “a computerized data bank containing information on the skills and information of all present employees” (Pride, Hughes, Kapoor). Part 2: Mursila Murtaza-MGMT 463-Reneta Tarasievich It is true that human beings are more dissatisfied with an unfair process than with an undesirable outcome, because an unfair process makes most of the individuals depress and undesirable outcome saddens individuals but with a hope to do better next time. Examples: • My father is a Vice President of an overseas bank. He always worked with honesty and worked on some projects that didn’t work out very well. Yet, I always noticed him putting more effort on next projects. He was supposed to get promoted to the position of Senior Vice President in 2012. Yet, his promotion orders weren’t bein
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