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Lecture 1

ICT 205 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Interdisciplinarity

Information Communication Technology
Course Code
ICT 205
Bryce Newell

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Defining Information Policy
Sandra Braman
As of today, new scholarly journals are created when new audiences and communities of
scholarly practices appear (p. 1)
“The interdisciplinarity of the community of scholarly practice engaged in information
policy analysis is exemplified in the fact that the editors of this new journal sit in a
college of communications rather than in either an information science unit or a law
school” (p. 1)
“The earliest use of the phrase ‘information policy’ by governments actually referred to
propaganda efforts during World War 1” (p. 2)
“Through information policy creates the conditions under which all other decision
making, public discourse, and political activity take place, it was long considered ‘law
policy’ of relative unimportance” (p. 2)
“Marking the boundaries of the domain with ‘information creation, processing, flows,
access, and use’ provides a synthetic and succinct heuristic that meets important
evaluative criteria” (p. 3)
It is invalid
It is comprehensive
It is theoretically sound
It is methodologically operationalizable
It is translatable
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