KHP 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Overtraining, Bench Press, Hypertrophy

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KHP 120 Midterm
Safety: majority of injuries come from improper form or too much weight
Breathing: exhale on concentric phase and inhale on eccentric phase
Spotter: someone to guard you when doing difficult exercises such as a pull up
Warm up: prepares the body physiologically and psychologically for the task ahead.
Should focus on increasing temperature and blood of working muscles. It affects the
elasticity of muscles in order to make them less susceptible to injury. Usually should
include light activity along with dynamic stretching
Dynamic stretching: actively moving the muscle through the full ROM with bodyweight
or very light weight but not holding at any point. Usually performed during the warm up
Static stretching: stretching a muscle then holding that position for 30 seconds. It helps
to increase flexibility and should be used after the workout is completed to repair
damaged muscle fibers
Overload: In order for the body to continue changing and see results from your workout
progra, the stiulus ust irease. Essetiall, ou a’t oe i doig the eat
sae workout eah da otherwise it slows the od’s adaptatio ad effiie at the
task. The number of calories burned will diminish as the body gets more efficient at the
Volume: reps x sets x weight
Reps: one cycle of designated movement
Sets: group of reps
Weight: amount of lbs or kg
Hierarchy of muscle groups: train larger muscle groups first then proceeding down to
smaller muscle groups. Those who wish to train their arms first in a workout will find a
find more resources at
find more resources at
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