STA 210 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving

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~ Statistics Lecture #1 ~
Introduction and Overview
o Be Clear on the Goal
o Become competent in statistical reasoning
o Be Clear on Skills
o Livelihood Skills:
o Life Skills:
Critical thinking
Creative thinking
Decision making
Problem solving
Interpersonal relationships
o Life Skills and 21st Century Hiring:
o Ability to Learn
The ability to pick up new things, to learn on the fly, to find patterns in disparate
pieces of information and take the next step
o Leadership
Folks who can step in to guide and influence others toward an outcome when thats
whats needed
o Humility
Passion and drive toward responsibility has to be balances by humility: an openness
to someone else having an even better idea than you
o Ownership
Its a huge disadvantage to have employees who are passive doers of tasks and
o Expertise
Except for making sure that people in technical jobs having coding ability, expertise
is last on their list of five
o It may be the most important quantitative reasoning ability of all is the facility to read and interpret
statistical information and make informed inferences based on statistical and probabilistic
o It really is not very simple.
o If you see it as simple, you have not made the transition you are going to be asked to make.
o Less is more.
o We wont cover many topics, but you are expected to master what we do cover. No excuses.
o Competence at everyday statistical reasoning is the goal.
o Need to keep that focus
o Designed to be delivered by:
o Reading
o Doing activities
o Simple math
o Retention is likely better in a student-centered environment
o Simple Math?
o For the most part, the entire course is delivered with charts, graphs, fractions, and critical
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