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Lecture 2

ANTHRCUL 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Scientific Racism, Sharing Space, Franz Boas

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Anthropology, Cultural
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ANTHRCUL101 - Lecture #2 - Strategies of Anthropological Observation
Two Strategies of Anthropological Observation
Strategies offer...
- Tone for thinking about the world
- Tools for engaging in and living in a diverse and often divided world
- Tools to confront difference
- Ways to analyze the mechanics of power, social power specifically 
- Common ground for thinking about the world
: Making the strange familiar
Learning unfamiliar categories on their own terms
This is a flat-footed description of “learning”
Making the familiar strange
Unsettling what is taken for granted in the world
Used to see the world in a different kind of light
How do we make cultural life visible?
Research doesn’t have to be complex, it can describe own everyday life,
gathering data
Making meaning of the world, providing significance
Placing 2 examples next to each other, comparison
On Research and Interpretation
The challenge of familiarizing
Thick and thin descriptions
Thin descriptions can be hard and yield good results, you’re forced
to confront own preconceptions
Ex: physiological movement: blink what really goes on? Can
shift from surface level interpretation to something that has some
sort of social significance. How do you know? What about a wink?
A wink can have
flirtatious motivations or other communication
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