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CHEM 210
Brian Coppola

DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Dear Chemistry 210/211 Student: November 9, 2012 There are 3 options for Chemistry 215 next term. 1. The first option is the regular offering of Chemistry 215. The vast majority of you will take this. These are sections 100, 300 & 400 of the course, as listed in the time schedule. 2. The second option is Honors credit for sections 100, 300 & 400 for students who do NOT want to participate in the special, research-oriented and intensive separate section of the course (section 200, described below). For students in sections 100, 300 & 400, there will be 2-hour Structured Study Groups for students who wish Honors credit (just like for the 210H groups this term). The "H" can be earned by any SSG participants. Sign-up for this will be on the first Friday of the Winter, 2013 term. Nothing needs to be done right now. 3. The third Chemistry 215 option is for Section 200, the research-oriented, intensive section of the course. It is a separate course altogether from Sections 100/300/400. Section 200 is open to all students and is for individuals who wish a more intensive look at the subject matter. Honors credit is assigned to both the lab and lecture courses in Section 200. This course will have the following requirements - • Four l
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