CHEM 230 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Free Expansion, Isochoric Process, Delta N

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21 Dec 2016

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We can break down energy into two types: ke and pe. When we talk about energy right now, we won"t be talking about pe changes unless we"re talking about phase changes or making/breaking bonds (cid:523)these will come later) Energy can be converted but in terms of quantity, we have the same amount of total. Matter and energy cannot go in or out in an isolated system. In an open system, matter and energy can go in and out. In a closed system, only energy can go out. The way we get energy into and out of the system is through heat and work. If you add more matter, you add more particles and each particle brings with it ke (and some pe) so your total energy in a system goes up. We"ll only talk about expansion and electrical work. Volume increases system does work=loss of energy. Volume decreases system work done on= gain in energy.