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Lecture 17

CLCIV 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Athenian Democracy, Trireme, Olive Oil

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Classical Civilization
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Richard Janko

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Lecture 17
1. Only barbarians wear trousers
a. Citizens wear chitons
i. Women’s chitons go down to ankles
2. Gynaikeion (women’s quarters) vs. Andron (men’s quarters)
3. No large industries
a. All artisans in workshops
b. Largest known enterprise
i. Shield factory of 120 slaves
c. No organized labor
d. No organized capital
e. Large public sector
f. Interest rate 10%
g. Shipping loans 30%
4. Exports vs Imports
a. Exports: Olive oil, wine, pottery, finished goods, coined silver
b. Imports: Wheat, timber, bronze, iron, slaves, perfumes, papyrus for writing
5. The Athenian Workforce
a. Citizens
b. Resident aliens (metoikoi)
c. Slaves (wages belong to “owner”)
d. Ratio 1:1:3?
6. Resident aliens (metoikoi)
a. Pay special tax
b. Serve in Athenian armed forces
c. Could not become citizens
d. Could not buy real estate
e. Needed citizen sponsor
f. Could be enslaved for not paying tax
g. Yet the kept moving to Athens
7. Slaves
a. Some Greeks
b. Most from other countries (Thrace, Phrygia)
c. No legal rights
d. Evidence only valid in law if extracted by torture
e. Bought as an investment
i. Wages go to owner
f. Worst conditions: silver mines at Laurium
8. Athens
a. Population 100,000?
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