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Lecture 6

EARTH 108 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: 1700 Cascadia Earthquake, 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake And Tsunami

Earth and Environmental Sciences
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Eric Hetland

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Lecture 6: Tsunami (Preparing and Warning)
Lecture outline
1) 2011 Japan tsunami
2) tsunami hazards, risk, & scenarios
3) 1960 Chile earthquake and tsunami
4) tsunami early warning
5) 1700 Cascadia earthquake
Tsunami hazard assessment
• we have a good idea of where the sources of tsunamis occur
• we have a good understanding of how tsunamis move across the globe, and this
allows us to:
- determine the risk of tsunamis
- provide real-time warning
- Tsunami hazard is global.
Tsunamis in the US
-US had the second largest known earthquake
-There was a 2 meter run-up along the west coast, 16 fatalities,
-~$20million damage (1964 cost)
-fishing boats sunk in Louisiana
-The largest known earthquake had a run up to 5 meter run-up in HI, resulting in
61 deaths & $24million damage (1960 cost)
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