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Lecture 4

EARTH 108 Lecture 4: Earthquakes - Preparing and Warning

Earth and Environmental Sciences
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Eric Hetland

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Lecture 4: Earthquakes: Preparing & Warning
Lecture outline
1) earthquake risk
2) recurrence & irregularity of earthquakes
3) what to expect in a big earthquake
4) effects of earthquakes
5) early warning
6) the aftermath
Essentials of earthquake risk
-Where earthquakes occur & how intense
-High risk where big ones occur or where earthquakes result in high intensity
-(sometimes) high risk where we think a big one will occur
-moderate-low risk where we only know of small earthquakes
-low risk where no earthquakes occur (most of the time!)
Ground motion prediction
-Estimates of earthquake risk depend on the prediction of the amount of ground
shaking expected in a given earthquake
-Rate a fault is loaded & expected slip in a large earthquake
Geologists dig trenches across faults and look for evidence of past earthquakes
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