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Lecture 10

EARTH 108 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Fujita Scale, Mesocyclone, Vertical Draft

Earth and Environmental Sciences
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Eric Hetland

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Lecture 10: Tornadoes
Lecture Outline:
1) tornado formation
2) supercells & mesocyclones
3) Fujita tornado scale
4) where & when
5) tornadoes & climate
6) mescoscale convective systems
-Tornadoes form from high-wind shear and strong updrafts
-Warm, humid air near ground collides with cold, dry air at a height
-Supercell: large thunderstorm with rotational winds
-Mesocyclone: rotational winds in a supercell
-Tornado size (Fujita scale) is based on damage assessments
Enhanced Fujita Scale
• named after Ted Fujita (U Chicago)
• based on Fujita Scale (1971)
• enhanced in 2007
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