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Lecture 7

EARTH 108 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Sea Surface Temperature, Tropical Cyclone

Earth and Environmental Sciences
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Eric Hetland

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Earth 108: Lecture 7: Cyclones Cause
-Tropical cyclones are the accumulation of energy from the ocean
-Hurricanes, typhoons, & cyclones are all tropical cyclones
-Cyclones are severe storm systems that spin about a central low-pressure eye
-The structure of cyclones is directly related to the dynamics of the storm
• Cyclone: large system of air spinning about a low pressure system
• Tropical cyclone: a cyclone that forms in the tropics
• Hurricanes, typhoons & cyclones are all tropical cyclones
When do they form?
-Tropical cyclones form when sea surface temperature is above 26.5C (80F)
How do they form?
-Tropical Disturbance: A cluster of thunderstorms forms in an area with sea
surface temperatures that are high, pushing warm humid air up into the
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