EARTH 114 Lecture 7: EARTH 114 Lecture 7

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Earth and Environmental Sciences
Jamie Gleason

Lecture 7 Renewable energy naturally occurring and replenishable Wind (MI = 5) Hydroelectric (MI = <1) Solar (MI = <1) Geothermal (MI = <1) Nuclear energy = not considered renewable Aerosols a known unknown Small particles or droplets in the atmosphere, usually on scale of microns Can be volcanic, airborne dust, soot Have a net negative radiative forcing (unlike greenhouse gases) On balance they can make things cooler NOT GREENHOUSE GAS Anything suspended in the air *throws towel* Aerosols Direct effect: aerosols reflect and scatter incoming solar radiation (negative radiative forcing = net cooling) Indirect effect: aerosols influence cloud properties (albedo, lifetime, precipitation, height, droplet size) and ice surface (black carbon) Volcanoes Volcanoes emit some CO 2 Volcanoes count for 100 million tons of CO we are emitting 10 gigatons into the 2 atmosphere Volcanoes are about 1 of what we are emitting Impacts of Global Warming Dangerous Climate Change o We are going to hit ~500 ppm CO sca2es out to an additional global surface temperature increase of >3 degrees C by 2100 if we keep going the way we are Uncertainty (due to what) Civilization deciding if we are going to keep doing something or not Earth as a complex system o How feedbacks mechanisms work CO2 levels are impacted by temperature
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