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Lecture 3

HISTART 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Hanging Scroll, Ink Brush, Guo Xi

History of Art
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Celeste Brusati

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Lecture 3: Ways of Seeing/Making Picturing
Chill with Bob Ross - conventions the way we read - how very little the brain requires to turn something
into an image
Guo Xi - your brain fills in the gaps even though is it hard to perceive the space - your brain fills in the
- Hanging scroll: leave the silk blank for clouds or space
- Asians use silk and ink (monochrome) vs European who use oil paint and canvases: light will go
through the various layers of paint and reflect things (shiny) - layering colors and light effect
Paul Cézanne - Different conventions in paint that artists learn
- Painting vs picture - evoking the mountain rather than having a clear depiction
The four accomplishments to be mastered by a Chinese scholar were: playing the musical instrument
qin, the board game weiqi, calligraphy, and painting
- Four Accomplishments - conventional subjects within the Japanese paintings - relative close in
The hanging scrolls had ink, color, and gold on silk
Four Treasures of the Study -
- An expression used to refer to the ink brush, inkstick, paper and inkstone used in Chinese
calligraphy and painting
- The name comes from the Northern and Southern Dynasties.
- Brushes and ink are two of the legendary “Four Treasures of the Study” tools of
Chinese calligraphers, painters and poets over thousands of years
The formats of Chinese painting - handscroll, hanging scroll, roller, semi-circular wooden stave, etc.
- Formats that art can come in: art on the walls vs other painting, scrolls, folding
Landscape of the 4 Seasons - pair of six-fold screens, ink on paper
- 3D aspect - certain things pop out and somethings don't
- Four accomplishments - music (servant is holding his instrument), go - board game, painting,
calligraphy, different activities and different seasons (all four)/landscapes
Digital Scroll - Spring Festival Along the River - different formats change the way you see the art - digital
scrolling paintings project (online) - experience of looking at is more cinematic - reading - you unroll
more to see the different aspects of the scroll
- You get a sense of a bunch of different views to the art as you look more closely
- One view at first and then you go deeper into the art
- No vanishing point - only one way of organizing pictures
- The point is not to have only one point of the world
Wood recreation of the scroll - a single log (giant tree)
- The tree carving depicts the historical holiday reserved to celebrate past ancestors that falls on the
104th day after the winter solstice
Limbourg Brothers
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