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Lecture 30

HISTART 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 30: Sol Lewitt, Lee Lozano, Conceptual Art

History of Art
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Celeste Brusati

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Conceptual Art and the Law
Roelof Louw, Soul City
-There were a pyramid of oranges
-The viewers were supposed to partake in the art’s creation by taking and peeling the
oranges, but they first needed permission to take an orange because not everyone was
allowed to have one
-This piece transforms ordinary life into art
-Oranges become art
-The work doesn’t exist without the active people
-Dematerialization - intangible ideas
-What do you own when you buy this art?
-The oranges? The right to this idea of art?
-The purchase would be temporary because eventually the
oranges would rot
Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing
-The focus is on the idea and not the expression
-Idea vs expression
Lee Lozano, General Strike Piece
-Conceptual art making, which impacts the world
-I will leave the artwork alone (unchanged - the purchaser)
-There was a revolution and political turmoil during that time period
-I am more than someone who creates commodities to rich people
-The owners could technically do whatever they wanted to the art at the time
following its purchase
-Robert Morris drives a forklift during the installation of his Whitney exhibition
-Artists were now committed to political issues
-Shifts in their view of themselves, as they considered themselves to be workers
The Artist’s Reserved Rights and Transfer and Sale Agreement - 1971
-Artists now got 15% of the sales revenue
-Asymmetry of power: artists vs. buyers
And Babies?
-These pictures were a response to the Vietnam war and the photos contained the dead from the
-LIFE magazine had the pictures of the dead bodies and a quote from a soldier, they had
-The soldier was ordered to kill everyone, including the babies
Guerilla Art Action Group - Blood Bath
-Guerilla action - a low tech military technique
-Disruptions to provoke challenge to those around them
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