HISTART 392 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Bohemian F.C., Spirited Away, Overprotected

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Published on 17 Jan 2019
HISTART 392 Lecture 1/16/19
Watch Spirited Away for better understanding of content
The abandoned theme park that Chihiro’s family stumbles into all the way in the
beginning of the movie showcases Japan’s post-WWII economic boom where theme
parks were abundant, but slowly became unused and uncared for as the boom ended
The food represented in the movie portray the types of food that were popular in
Japan’s post-war era
The food that is served in the bath house, where Chihiro is forced to work for Yubaba, is
distinctly Japanese
In contrast, when Chihiro travels to meet Zeniba, Yubaba’s sister, the food that is served
is more western. For example, the audience sees cakes and biscuits, along with other
western-style sweets
The spirit that Chihiro washes represents a polluted river. The spirit that is revealed
after the washing turns out to be a river god
No Face is a spirit with an insatiable appetite and hates being denied
Yubaba’s baby son, Boh, never leaves his room because his mother convinced him the
outside is dangerous and dirty. Boh represents an overprotected child
Chihiro’s own character is very childish and annoying in the beginning, but she matures
as the film progresses
No Face learns to control his appetite after he becomes smaller thanks to the medicine
Chihiro gives him. This is evident when No Face eats in Zeniba’s home, as he does not
just inhale all the food at once
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