CICS 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: United Nations General Assembly, Economic Stagnation, Moral Authority

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T/F (if false, tell me why it is wrong)
International Relations were created as the solution to the problem of global violent struggle.
The following are all tools of international relations: diplomacy, economic interdependence, sanctions, war,
mobilizations of international shame, international law.
Realists would join an international organization if it furthered the goals of a majority of nations.
Liberalists view war as one of the better solutions to international strife.
Constructivists and realists share many views on the role of international organizations.
Constructivists view international relations through the scope of both material interests and ideational factors.
The Westphalian Accords were meant to foster international cooperation.
The UN general assembly can authorize economic and military action in the settling of disputes.
IGO’s are the fastest growing entities in the world today/
The modernist theory of national movement believes that nations are created and traditions are invented by
Multiple Choice
Which of the following is not part of international relations
None of the above
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