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Mechanical Engineering
Donald Siegel

THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Department of Mechanical Engineering ME 235 Thermodynamics I / Winter 2014 / Section 002 HW 6 Solutions Due date: Feb. 27 2014 4.19 An airport ventilation system takes 2.5 m /s air at 100 kPa, 17 C into a furnace and heats it to 52 C and delivers the flow to a duct with cross -sectional area 0.4 m at 110 kPa. Find the mass flow rate and the velocity in the duct? 4.22 A diffuser receives 0.1 kg/s steam at 500 kPa, 350 C. The exit is at 1 MPa, 400 C with negligible kinetic energy and the flow is adiabatic. Find the diffuser inlet velocity and the inlet area. o 4.35 Carbon dioxide used as a natural refrigerant flows out of a cooler at 10 MPa, 40 C after which it is throttled to 1.4 MPa. Find the state (T, x) for the exit flow. 4.43 A windmill with rotor diameter of 20 m takes 40% of the kinetic energy out as shaft work on a day
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