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Mechanical Engineering
Donald Siegel

THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Department of Mechanical Engineering ME 235 Thermodynamics I / Winter 2014 / Section 002 HW 11 Due date: Apr. 17 2014 7.96 Methane at 1 MPa, 300 K is throttled through a valve to 100 kPa. Assume no change in the kinetic energy and ideal gas behavior. What is the specific entropy generation? 7.125 Air from a line at 12 MPa, 15°C, flows into a 500-L rigid tank that initially contained air at ambient conditions, 100 kPa, 15°C. The process occurs rapidly and is essentially adiabatic. The valve is closed when the pressure inside reaches some value2 P . The tank eventually cools to room temperature, at which time the pressure inside is 5 MPa. What is the press2re P ? What is the net entropy change for the overall process? 7.127 A balloon is filled with air from a line at 200 kPa, 300 K to a final state of 110 kPa, 300 K with a mass of 0.1 kg air. Assume the pressure is proportional to the balloon volume as: P = 100 kPa + CV. Find the heat transfer to/from the ambient at 300 K and the total entropy generation. 7.148 Air enters an insulated turbine at 50°C, and exits the turbin
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