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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Mechanical Engineering
Donald Siegel

THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Department of Mechanical Engineering ME 235 Thermodynamics I / Winter 2014 / Section 002 HW 4 Solutions Due date: Feb. 11 2014 3.34 Airplane takeoff from an aircraft carrier is assisted by a steam driven pistowith ander device average pressure of 1250 kPa. A 17500 kg airplane should be accelerated from zero to a speed of 30 m/s with 30% of the energy coming from the steam piston. Find the needed piston displacement volume. 3.55 Air goes through a polytropic process fro m 125 kPa, 325 K to 300 kPa and 500 K. Find the polytropic exponent n and the specific work in the process. 3.57 Consider a piston cylinder with 0.5 kg of R -134a as saturated vapor at -10°C. It is now compressed to a pressure of 500 kPa in a polytropic process with n = 1.5. Find the final volume and temperature, and determine the work done during the process. 2 3.61 A 2-m window has a surface temperature of 15°C and the outside wind is blowing air at 2°C across it with a convection heat transfer coefficient of h = 125 W/m K. What is the total heat transfer loss? 3.65 A pot of steel, conductivity 50 W/m K, with a 5 mm thick bottom is filled with 15°C liquid water. The pot has a diameter of 20 cm and is now placed on an elect
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