MCDB 423 Lecture 24: Lecture 24

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Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
MCDB 423
John Kuwada

Lecture 24 Slide 3 When you delete the Nogo receptors, the axons do grow a little past the injury site Slide 5 Answer = d Answer C was the biggest factor in choosing these genes They choose a handful of factors -Used cre to remove the genes -All these genes are tumor suppressors so they normally restrain growth These cells don’t die because the flox system is removing them only from certain cells -So the animal will have gone through devleopment normally slide 6 The cre is introduced to the adult mice using a virus into the eye -So the RGC will express the cre CTB is used only for labeling of the axons Slide 7 This is a control to see if the method works -This is a reporter to see if the cre is working slide 8 The GFP virus is basically the wild type control because this virus DNA won’t do anything In the mutant, you see many axons past the injury sites Slide 9 Answer = b. They noted some fiber in the optic chiasm, but there is no data for as far out as the SC. The controls are the green and red line -X-axis is distance pass the cut site -As you go pass the cut site, there are very few fibers in the wt -In the mutant there are more fibers slide 10 The other major phenotype after axonal damage is that the neurons die Slide 11 Answer = b. Other mutations (in p53) give increased survival in absence of the regeneration phenotype. So increasing cell survival alone is not sufficient for regeneration. Some of the
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