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Lecture 1

MOVESCI 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Angular Acceleration, Angular Velocity, Motion Capture

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Movement Science
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Kathy Kern

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Lecture 1
Biomechanics studies mechanics of living body focusing on muscle forces
and external forced on skeletal structure
Bio = life, Mechanics = Motion
Mechanics - analysis of motions of object and forces upon it
IMU and Motion capture data
Base of support two feet holding stability
Biomechanics measures movement KINEMATICS: descriptors of motion
o Linear and angular displacement
o Linear and angular velocity
o Linear and angular acceleration
Kinetics causes of motion
o Force and torque
Biomechanics enhances performance (athletic)
o Technique analysis
o Equipment design
o Training/conditioning
Prevent injury and improve rehabilitation
Used in animation cartoons (sensors for facial expression) - motion capture
Prosthetics and robotics
Degrees of freedom about a joint
Fluoroscopy shows compression/flexion of joints (vertebrae)
Newtons 3 Laws of Motion:
o 1st - law of inertia
Object will not move without external force/moving object will
continue moving at constant speed or in straight line
o 2nd- law of acceleration
Object accelerates if it starts/stops/speeds up/slow down/changes
direction caused by net external force
o 3rd - law of action reaction
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