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Lecture 2

MOVESCI 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Red Blood Cell, Ulnar Nerve, Sternum

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Movement Science
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Kathy Kern

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Lecture 2
Must have a frame of reference to describe movement
o Movement is described relative to anatomical reference position
o Not functional
Body segments:
Upper Extremity
o Arm, Forearm, Hand
o Thorax, Abdomen
Lower Extremity
o Thigh, Leg/Shank, Foot
***segment=between 2 joints
Directional Terms:
o Superior towards the head (above)
o Inferior- towards the feet (below)
o Anterior Towards body (in front of)
o Posterior toward back of body (behind)
o Medial toward body midline (inner side)
o Lateral away from midline (outer side)
o Proximal - closer to trunk
o Distal further from trunk
Plane 2-dimensional structure defined by 3 points
o extends in all directions
Anatomical Planes (always in reference to trunk)
o Sagittal Plane (cuts between eyes) - mediolateral axis
o Frontal Plane (cuts from ear to ear) - anteroposterior axis
o Transverse Plane (cuts at stomach) - longitudinal axis
Axis line passing perpendicularly through a plane
o motion occurs about an axis
***describe position in the dominant plane of motion (in the now)
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