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Lecture 7

MOVESCI 110 Lecture 7: Biomechanics Gait Cycle

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Movement Science
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Kathy Kern

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Lecture 7
Locomotion rhythmic alternating limbs on opposing sides of body for
Walking/running described as GAIT CYCLE
o Gait cycle begins when one foot contacts ground and ends when that
same foot contacts ground again
During cycle, each extremity passes through two phases: stance phase and
swing phase
Step Length one heel contact to the next (right step length + left step length =
normal gait cycle)
o Distance between corresponding successive point of heel contact of the
opposite feet
o Rt step length = Lt step length (normal gait)
Stride cycle stance and swing phase for one foot
o Distance between successive point of heel contact of same foot
o Double the step length (in normal gait)
Stance phase the time one foot is on the ground (60%)
o Heel strike moment heel first strikes ground
o Midstance bodyweight directly over stance leg
o Heel off moment heel of stance leg leaves ground
o Toe off only toe of stance leg is in contact with ground
Swing phase the time one foot is in the air (40%)
o Acceleration toe of stance leg leaves ground/gegins to swing forward
o Midswing swinging leg directly beneath body
o Deceleration swinging leg continues forward towards knee extension but
slows down as travels, stopping just before full knee extension and heel
Measures of Ground Reaction Force:
o Fz = Vertical
o Fx = Medial-Lateral
o Fy = Anterior-Posterior
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