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Lecture 8

MOVESCI 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Linear Motion, Kinematics

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Movement Science
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Kathy Kern

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Lecture 8
Description of Human Motion:
o Motion = act/progress of changing place/position with respect to some
o Linear motion refers to change in location in a line
o Angular movement is the change in location of a rotating body
1D = one dimensional movement in one direction
o Forward movement of runner during 100m race
2D = 2 dimensional movement including components in 2 directions
o Movement of hips when walking/running
Angular = movement including rotation
o Bicep curl, baseball bat swing
KINEMATICS description of movement without regard to forces
1D Linear Movement
o Rectilinear movement in straight line
o Curvilinear movement in curved line
***Body segments can never be measured linearly (whole body only)
Linear movement measured wherever speed (velocity) matters
Movement quantified using kinematics
o (m) Position = location in space, displacement = change in position
o (m/s) change in position (displacement) / change in time
o (m/s^2) change in velocity / change in time
Movement smoothness (jerk)
1D analysis does not take mechanics of movement into consideration
Example: 100m sprint = how long to reach top speed? Measure position of hip
marker in each video frame and calculate
Mechanics of bones create vertical component to movement (locomotion)
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