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Lecture 6

MOVESCI 230 Lecture 6: Elbow, Wrist and HandPremium

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Movement Science
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Melissa Gross

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Lecture 6:
Bones of upper limb
o Upper arm (brachium)
§ Humerus
o Forearm (antebrachium)
§ Radius/ulna
o Wrist (carpus)
§ Carpal bones – 8
o Hand
§ Metacarpal bones – 5
§ Digits – 5
Landmarks on Ulna:
o Olecranon process – “elbow” bone (posterior) – fits into olecranon fossa
o Ulnar styloid process – distal end by wrist (posterior)
o Coronoid process – hook of bone fits into coronoid fossa of humerus
o Trochlear notch – articulates with trochlea of humerus (anterior)
o Radial notch – to articulate with radius head (proximal)
o Ulnar tuberosity – (anterior)
o Head – distal (standing on head) (anterior)
Landmarks on radius: (all anterior view)
o Head – articulates with capitulum humerus (proximal) - flat
o Neck – inferior to head
o Radial tuberosity – proximal
o Radial styloid process – distal end by wrist
o Ulnar notch – to articulate with ulna head (distal)
Ulna and radius mature during college years
Radius larger than ulna distally
Hand bones (27)
o Carpals (8)
§ Proximal row (4)
§ Distal row (4)
o Metacarpals (5)
o Phalanges (14)
§ Proximal
§ Middle
§ Distal
Carpal bones – form arch when articulated
o Scaphoid – boat shaped
o Lunate – crescent moon
o Triquetrum – triangular
o Pisiform – P shape
o Trapezium – articulates with thuMb
o Trapezoid
o Capitate – middle finger
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