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Lecture 5

MOVESCI 230 Lecture 5: Shoulder GirdlePremium

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Movement Science
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Melissa Gross

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Lecture 5:
Shoulder – ambiguous term
o Shoulder girdle – clavicle and scapula
o Shoulder joint – scapula and humerus
Clavicle landmarks
o Sternal end
o Acromial end
o Conoid tubercle
o Subclavian groove
Variability in shape/size of clavicle across adults
Scapula landmarks
o Glenoid fossa
o Coracoid process
o Acromion
o Spine
o Supraspinous fossa
o Infraspinous fossa
o Subscapular fossa
o Medial border (vertebral)
o Lateral border (axillary)
o Superior angle
o Inferior angle
Clavicle and scapula mature during college years
o Sternal end clavicle matures last (20-25 yrs)
Humerus landmarks
o Humeral head
o Surgical neck
o Greater/lesser tubercles
o Intertubercular groove
o Deltoid tuberosity
o Medial/lateral epicondyles
o Trochlea
o Capitulum
o Coronoid fossa
o Olecranon fossa
o Lateral supracondylar ridge
Humerus mature by high school graduation
o Anatomical neck is epiphyseal line
Shoulder articulations include 3 synovial joints and another joint
o Sternoclavicular joint
o Acromioclavicular joint
o Glenohumeral joint
o Scapulothoracic joint
Sternoclavicular joint attaches shoulder girdle to axial skeleton
o Ball-socket synovial joint w/ meniscus in joint space
o Fibrocartilage disc (articular disc)
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