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Lecture 8

MOVESCI 230 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Genu Valgum, Genu Varum, Coxa ValgaPremium

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Movement Science
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Melissa Gross

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Lecture 8
o Lateral/medial epicondyle (prox)
o Intercondylar eminence
o Tibial tuberosity (prox)
o Anterior crest
o Medial malleolus (distal)
o Apex (prox)
o Head (prox)
o Lateral malleolus (distal)
o Malleolar fossa
o Sesamoid bone w/ tendon of quadriceps femoris muscle
o Base (superior)
o Apex (inferior)
o Facets (femoral condyles)
Tibia matures by high school graduation
Q-angle – inclination angle at hip determines
o Genu varum (bow legged)
§ Associated with coxa valga
§ Q-angle less than normal
o Genu valgum (knock-kneed)
§ Associated with coxa vara
§ Q-angle greater than normal
Foot bones
o Tarsals (7)
§ Calcaneus – sustentaculum tali
§ Talus
§ Navicular
§ Medial cuneiform
§ Intermediate cuneiform
§ Lateral cuneiform
§ Cuboid
o Metatarsals (5)
§ 1st (big toe) – 5th (little toe)
§ Base, shaft, head
§ Sesamoid bones under 1st
o Phalanges (14)
§ 1 (hallux or great toe)
Forefoot includes all bones except talus and calcaneus
o Rearfoot – talus and calcaneus
o Midtarsal joint (Chopert’s joint)
§ Talonavicular joint
Modified ball/socket
§ Calcaneocuboid joint
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