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Notes from February 4th

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Lecture Notes 2/4/2014 • All human experiences have to do with the brain o This does NOT mean:  That psychiatric “disorders are caused by biology”  That psychiatric disorders must be treated with medications or other biological interventions.  That it adopts a biological reductionist view of disorders • The most important thing of a disorder is not necessarily genes or other biological factors o It CAN mean:  A cause  A consequence  The disorder itself at a biological level • Cause o Can have multiple levels of cause  Society culture  Family  Experiential/behavioral  Cognitive- affective  Organ  Chemical  Genes o Entire understanding of the system provides a more accurate picture of reality than any individual portion  Holism, not reductionist  Systems Theory • Accepts reciprocal causality • Accepts equifinality (multiple factors are the cause), but doesn’t assume it o Every given disorder has multiple interactive contributors. • The traditional paradigms o Biological  Psychiatric disorders are fundamentally brain disorders  Emil Kraepelin o Psychoanalysis  There is nothing good about human beings  Psychiatric disorders come from conflicts with Id, Ego, and Super ego  Id- wants, Ego-what you can do, Super Ego-what you should do  Also caused by being stuck in fixation stage of development  Sigmund Freud o Cognitive behavioral  Due to maladaptive thoughts and behaviors  Aaron Beck o Humanistic  Existentialist • We are free but must be honest about who we truly are—Fritz Perls  Humanists • We are all good and will reach our potential if we have clear values to live by—Carl Rogers o Tried an integrative approach with the paradigms  Systems approach is more comprehensive • The bio-psycho-social model o Doesn’t assume holism o They are three different things • Social Factors of Causes
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