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Lecture Notes 2/25/14 • Anxiety o Diffused and aversive experience in anticipation of future event o Worry  Repeated negative thoughts about a future event.  Primarily cognitive o Fear  Specific emotion experienced in the face of immediate perceived danger. o Panic attack  Acute, intense, and uncontrollable series of fear-related cognitive and physiological experiences. o Generalized anxiety disorder  Excessive Anxiety & Worry >6months  Difficulty Controlling Worry  Physical Symptoms o Social anxiety disorder  Marked fear/anxiety about social situations  Fear of evaluation  Significance avoidance or endured with distress o Panic disorder  Recurrent Unexpected Panic Attacks  Fear of having panic attacks / Avoidance  Panic attack • 4 or more: • Palpitations • Sweating • Shaking • Shortness of Breath • Choking • Chest Pain • Nausea • Dizziness • Depersonalization • Fear of losing control • Fear of dying • Paresthesias • Chills o Phobias  Marked Fear/Anxiety of specific object/situation  Immediate fear/panic response  Avoidance  Have to cause significant impairment  Specific phobias • Animals • Blood • Natural disasters • Heights  Agoraphobia • Marked fear/anxiety of: o Being in open/close spaces o Crowds o Outside home • Difficulty of space/embarrassment • Fearful of having a panic attack and not being able to get help • How to differentiate from social anxiety disorder? o The fear is specifically about having a panic attack • OCD o Obsessions  Recurrent and per
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