Dairy Cattle

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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Animal Science
Nancy Malcuit

Feb 14 Animal Science Milk • Grade A • farms that have been certified to meet certain minimum standards • fluid milk • Milk goes through pasteurization (heat to denature the protein) and homogenization (prevents the cream and fat from being separated from the fluid to create one homogeneous solution) before being sold • Grade B • less controlled conditions than Grade A • cheese, butter, and powdered milk • over 750,000 somatic cells per mL Leading Dairy States • California • Wisconsin • New York • Pennsylvania • Minnesota • Idaho Breeds of Dairy Cattle Mostly purebred Guidelines for Selection • selecting a breed that is common in the area to breed via AI • personal preference • market requirements for the products Aryshire • originated in Scotland • Originally known as the Dunlop • Color: red and white • Good feet and legs • Excels in udder conformation • Medium-sized frame Brown Swiss • Originated in Switzerland • Because of foot and mouth disease, only 3 have been imported since 1906 • Good temperament and strong feet and legs • Color: gray or light brown to dark brown • because they are bigger it takes longer for them to mature Guernsey • Originated from the Isle of Guernsey • Known for high quality (high fat and protein content) milk while consuming less feed • Intermediate frame Holstein-Fresian • Originated in Europe • Large frame • Color: black and white or red and white • known for outstanding milk production Jersey • Originated from the Isle of Jersey (small Britis
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